what problems do we solve?

Zilla Technology was born to create immersive and beautiful digital experiences for businesses of all sizes. Our Team of professionals are always ready to provide you the Best and Advance Solutions to everyting that make project more reliable.

Application Development

We create a mobile app experience that taps into your audience and grows your business online. Our expert app developers can create any kind of professional mobile applications for any mobile device. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the various platforms for mobile application design and has engineered the craft of creating apps based on a service-based architecture. Additionally, the apps created by Zilla Technology have a high quality and interactive design and are scalable across multiple platforms.

Redemption of iOS applications

Our team is engaged in purchasing of completed iOS applications. If you are a great developer but you know nothing about how to make your application profitable, then just sell it us for a good price. We're not only buying finished products, you can offer us the source code of an unpublished iOS application as well.

Sell an application

Work Flow

Our work flow starts with initial stage as requirement gathering and analysis to produce concept(s) for mobile app with user friendly UX/UI designs. App development starts with web services and app-engine which are integrated to release a professional quality application.

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Email: info@zillatech.org
tel: +44 7 937 977 645
39/5 Granton Crescent
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