We will evaluate your application

or your app source code

Zillatech team vigorously approaches to the evaluation of mobile applications.

We take into account your spent time on the design and your expectations.

Your fee for a complete application can be up to $5,000.

Try to fully show an app's idea so we can adequately assess its potential.

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What clients say

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App developper

"I had a few iOS apps that lacked the time and resources to develop. I sold 2 apps and focused on the ones that are interesting to me."

Jason Deck

Jason Deck

Independent Developper

"When I was a student, I created a great recipe app. But then I got a job in a Bank and changed the field of activity. I did not want to lose a useful application and decided to give it to professionals for development."




"I created an app that required a lot of money resources for content, so I decided to give it up."

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